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Your go to skincare needs year round and fall add - ons

OKAY, it's time..

We are all skincare girlies at LJ and I wanted my gorgeous girls to give you insight on their glowing skin. We may not be professionals but we've listed a few you can connect with for your skincare journey.

I know I've been on a skincare journey my WHOLE LIFE. I've always battled acne, skin sensitivity and rosacea. Now that I'm in my mid 30's it's time to take this issue seriously and get it handled... and i've never felt better in my own skin.

okay what are we waiting for, this is a lot to get into but I think you'll find some useful information! <3

I'll go first. My name is Natalie and I am addicted to the Haley Bieber Affect.

My own personal goal is to have my skin looking like a wet baby seal, a glazed donut, and moisturized goddess if you will. My girl Carolyn at Lucent has answered my prayers and I get compliments on my skin DAILY. I'm so thankful for the time she spend and the care put into my appts. I get facials once a month, and it's the 90mins I get to just fully relax.... with a scalp and arm massage to boot.. it's heaven.

If you're a science girly, you should be following my fave Miranda at Rojas Aesthetics, she is one of the most knowledgable and well versed aestheticians I know.

I should also shout out spironolactone. I've been battling hormonal acne and skin issues my whole life. If you haven't made an appt with a dermatologist, now is the time! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Berger at Arboretum Dermatology

LAST but not least on my shout out list is Yvette at Skin Spirit Greenlake, a literal injection queen. I get botox for a little eye lift, and some filler, which I'll leave placement to the imagination ;)

Below I have all of my GO TO products.

AM/PM routine: Gel Cleanser - Alto Advances - Rx Complex - PM only Alastin retinol - AM Reparative Moisture Emulsion - PM Sheald recovery balm - am/pm Eye cream - AM SPF


My tip for fall/winter is adding sheald recovery balm as my night time moisturizer!



Madison is a skincare junky. Here's her diligent routine, we should all take notes!

Skincare has always been important to me. For the last three years(since having my son) I’ve had the worst breakouts. I’ve been on quite the skincare journey but I’ve found some amazing products and my skin is finally feeling amazing! Here's my routine:

AM Routine: Image skincare: Ormedic balancing facial cleanser Naturopathica: Lavender and manuka honey balancing mist Eminence: Marine flower peptide serum Marine flower peptide eye cream The Nue Co: Barrier culture moisturizer

PM Routine: Mara: Algae enzyme cleansing oil Image skincare: ormedic balancing facial cleanser Naturopathica: Lavender and manuka honey balancing mist Eminence: Marine flower peptide serum Marine flower peptide eye cream Coconut age corrective moisturizer

I can’t thank Dakota @thecleanesthetics enough! She has been so helpful finding the right products for my skin. I love that she is “less is more” when coming to a routine.❤️


Our aesthetic queen Megan had the starter kit you'll be dying for. Hydration baby.

I have just recently started getting more into skincare. When I was younger I never took care of my skin and never used good products. I have always struggled with dry skin and finding a moisturizer that really keep my face hydrated.

I can see my skin getting really dry as the weather starts to colder. So I recently got a dermaplanning facial at Skin Spirit medspa to remove my dry/dead skin. My esthetician reccomened I try Skin Ceuticals Triple Lipid Restore. I have just been using this product for about a week and my skin already has made progress. She also reccommened in the AM to use Skin Ceuticals discoloration defense to even out my skin tone from sun damage in the past.

One thing I have learned from my dermatologist and esthetician is to NEVER skip sunscreen! I have tried many different brands like Super Goop, CervaVe, Tula ext. but my favorite one I have tried to this date is Elta MD. I like the tinted one to give me a little glow (I actually only use this as my foundation) it’s very moisturizing and absorbs into the skin perfectly. I used about two pumps of Elta MD tinted sunscreen with a little bit of the Drunken Elephant B-Goldi bright drops as my foundation and I swear it’s the best combination if you are looking for something very light weight and glowy.

Okay, we know this is a lot of information to digest. Your skin is the biggest organ we have, so we might as well take the best care of her (or him) as we can! We know you'll thank us later.

We are NOT skincare professionals, just enthusiasts. We've listed a few professionals you can reference for information on your specific skincare needs! As always, I hope you found something you are inspired by, something to help give yourself a LIIITTTTTTLLLE more of what you deserve -


What do you want to see? Let us know in the comments and we'd love to dish next post

xoxoxo, see you soon
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